About me

My name is Anne ter Wal and I am Assistant Professor of Technology & Innovation Management at Imperial College Business School in London. I am also Senior Researcher at the Department of Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich.

Most of my research focuses on the role of social networks in innovation, with a particular emphasis on networks in geographical clusters, and networks of scientists and engineers within and between companies. I also have an interest in the management of creativity, in particular in the role of bootlegging and other deviant forms of creativity in driving innovative outcomes.

My research is currently funded by a Starting Grant from the ERC (European Research Council). The project, titled “Networking for Innovation: How entrepreneurs’ network behaviours helps clusters to innovate“, develops a network behavioural approach to innovation in entrepreneurial clusters, investigating how entrepreneurs’ networking activities helps them shape their networks to obtain information advantages and leverage these to innovate and sustain the survival of their business. It will develop new insights into why certain clusters thrive as hubs of innovation and why some entrepreneurs within clusters contribute more to innovation than others.

My work has been published in leading journals in geography, innovation studies and management, including Organization Science, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Economic Geography and Economic Geography. You can find a full list of my publications here.