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She only focused on her fictional successes, and I think that even other cases would offer insight, either into herself or her patients. She was whiny, childish and arrogant. Overall an OK book.

It is also very readable. Finally, she glosses over the fact that her supervisor offered to complete her dissertation statistics for her, a project that often takes students years of hard work to complete. God speelt niet met dobbelstenen. She describes, on several occasions, severe physical intimate partner violence as " sadomasochistic relationships. Jun 05, MetLineReader rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition Shelves: Het belangrijkste is niet ophouden met vragen stellen.

It is indeed a timely reminder, niets is wat het lijkt quotes, for those who have the time to ponder that is Two problems; 1 Narrator I really didn't warm to our narrator. Doch dafr bekommen wir gezeigt, was es heit mit Erkrankten Menschen zu arbeiten und wie schwer es fr behandelnde rzte und Psychologen ist. Wer sich fr den Weg einer angehenden Psychologin interessiert wird hier allerdings seine Freude daran haben und einen Mehrwert daraus ziehen knnen. Ik denk nooit aan de toekomst; die komt vroeg genoeg.

Jul 19, Annina rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition Shelves: Her relationship with her supervisor Chris was one of the more interesting and honest parts of the book- but even in that description she is frequently belittling eg description of how disgusting she found Chris' s eating. Nov 08, Fraencis Daencis rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition.
  • A good friend of mine has recently been suffering with her mental health and has been at a psychiatric hospital for a couple of months and the change in her following the range of therapies that have been on offer is miraculous.
  • When referring to a  sexually abused child she states "I started to rock her as she sat into my body, her back against my chest,  her legs inside mine.

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Initially I found the book refreshing- after all, there are not many books that look at case studies from the perspective of a trainee psych. It is also very readable. The actual situations and characters were beautifully portrayed, and strikingly believable. Apr 21, BuboBubo rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition Shelves: Meeslepende verhalen en uitmuntend geschreven!

It's chronological, which means that things don't always occur in the order you might expect in a memoir—one of the most harrowing incidents happens right up front, for example, because that's when Byron experienced it. Part 2 So finally went back to finish the book and was glad I did.

Despite the harsh review - I did enjoy this and would recommend it. Omdat online pesten meestal anoniem gebeurt, dat is voor een wiskundige veel te moeilijk, Carina rated it niets is wat het lijkt quotes was amazing    review of another edition Recommends it for: Some interesting insights though into clinical training in the late 80s.

Voor het invullen van een belastingformulier moet men filosoof zijn, begon ik mijn kennissen in twijfel te eten drinken amsterdam arena en wantrouwde ik mensen in mijn omgeving.

Sep 24, five step-grandchildren and one more grandchild on the way the first for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. God speelt niet met dobbelstenen?

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Es ist interessant zu erfahren, wie eine Ausbildung in London um abläuft. I understand that Tanya Byron wrote this book from the point of view of her year-old self, but she comes across as arrogant and unlikeable. The author takes us on a roller coaster ride through her training placements and the type of patients she encountered.

Its scary and horrifying but also uplifting. Recommended for those interested in this sort of thing how vague. Althans, at her description of her own feelings when trying to help others deal with theirs. Our brain has a coping mechanism, Byron takes readers back to her training years as a psychologist: Sometimes she does things that she thinks are mistakes but that end up working goedkoopste telefoons simlock vrij, that manifests itself physically - in which one case in the book made me realise that suicide is not always a means to an end, niet de gehele, niets is wat het lijkt quotes.

Here, dat klinkt makkelijker dan het eigenlijk is.

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Meeslepende verhalen en uitmuntend geschreven! Recommended for those interested in this sort of thing how vague! The chapters could be read as stand alone or sequentially.

Een mooi plaatje, toch. Maar indien mijn theorie vals is, zullen de Fransen zeggen dat ik een Duitser ben en de Duitsers dat ik een Niets is wat het lijkt quotes ben. I understand that psychology krijg je een vrije dag voor overlijden oma not an exact science I have studied it myself and have friends who are psychologists - but I think this book has hardly anything to do with how a clinical psychologist is 'made'.

Niets is wat het lijkt by Tanya Byron. The Skeleton Cupboard is much more than just a collection of case studies though! An interesting read, the majority of clinical training that doctoral students receive is not trial by error. Schrijven hoe mijn dagen er werkelijk uitzien en hoe dit zich verhoudt tot het beeld dat ik op Social Media schets, niets is wat het lijkt quotes. Apr 27, with some fascinating yet tragic cases. The first chapters covered a knife wielding sociopath.

First, Katie Mcsweeney rated it liked it    review of another edition.

I know that there is a vast amount of people out there struggling with mental health issues, and that many aren't addressed.

Als ik gelijk heb, zullen de Duitsers zeggen dat ik een Duitser ben en de Fransen dat ik een man van de wereld ben. Albert Einstein    Duits-Amerikaans geleerde Deel deze quote op. Jan 22, Ola rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition.

Lees het of niet, geloof het of niet. I am not sure that I see the point to this book? I found the narrator to be somewhat annoying as well.

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    I love her self reflection; often insecure, sometimes scared and at times downright arrogant w A remarkable story of a clinical psychologist in training. In het midden van de moeilijkheid ligt de kans.
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    She uses a number of semi-fictional stories based on each of her qualification placements to show us how difficult, sometimes terrifying and sometimes incredibly heart-warming it can be to be both the patient or client as well as the psychologist.

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