My publications

My publications:

Ter Wal, ALJ & P Criscuolo, A Salter (2017)
Making a marriage of materials: the role of gatekeepers and shepherds in the absorption of external knowledge and innovation performance
Research Policy, 46 (5): 1039-1054.

Bogers M, A-K Zobel A-K, A Afuah, A Almirall, S Brunswicker, L Dahlander, L Frederiksen, A Gawer, M Gruber, S Haefliger, J Hagedoorn, D Hilgers, K Laursen, M Magnusson, A Majchrzak, IP McCarthy, KM Moeslein, S Nambisan, FT Piller, A Radziwon, C Rossi-Lamastra, J Sims & ALJ Ter Wal (2017)
The open innovation research landscape: established perspectives and emerging themes across different levels of analysis
Industry & Innovation, 24 (1): 8-40.

Ter Wal ALJ, O Alexy, J Block & P Sandner (2016)
The best of both worlds: The benefits of open-specialized and closed-diverse syndication networks for new venture success
Administrative Science Quarterly, 61 (3): 393-432 (read blog related to this article).

Salter A, ALJ Ter Wal, P Criscuolo & O Alexy (2015)
Open for ideation: individual-level openness and idea generation in R&D
Journal of Product Innovation Management, 32 (4): 488-504.

Hardeman S, K Frenken, O Nomaler & ALJ Ter Wal (2015)
Characterizing and comparing innovation systems by different ‘modes’ of knowledge production
Science and Public Policy 42 (4): 530-548

Criscuolo P, A Salter & ALJ Ter Wal (2014)
Going underground: bootlegging and individual innovation performance
Organization Science, 25 (5): 1287-1305 (read blog related to this article).

Ammon Salter, Paola Criscuolo & Anne LJ Ter Wal (2014)
Coping with open innovation: responding to the challenges of external engagement in R&D
California Management Review 56 (2): 77-94 (read blog related to this article).

Ter Wal ALJ (2014)
The dynamics of the inventor network in German biotechnology: geographic proximity versus triadic closure
Journal of Economic Geography, 14 (3): 589-620.

Ter Wal ALJ (2013)
Cluster emergence and network evolution: a longitudinal analysis of the inventor network in Sophia-Antipolis
Regional Studies 47: 651-668

Cassi L, Andrea Morrison & Anne LJ Ter Wal (2012)
The evolution of trade and scientific collaboration networks in the global wine sector
Economic Geography 88: 311-334

Alexy O, J Block, P Sandner & ALJ Ter Wal (2012)
Social capital of venture capitalists and start-up funding
Small Business Economics 39: 835-851

Ter Wal ALJ & RA Boschma RA (2011)
Co-evolution of firms, industries and networks in space
Regional Studies 45: 919-933

Ter Wal ALJ (2011)
Networks and geography in the economics of knowledge flows: a commentary
Quality & Quantity 45:1059-1063

Cantner U, A Meder, ALJ Ter Wal (2010)
Innovator networks and regional knowledge base
Technovation 30: 496-507

Ter Wal ALJ & RA Boschma (2009)
Applying social network analysis in economic geography: framing some key analytic issues
Annals of Regional Science 43: 739-756

Boschma RA & ALJ Ter Wal (2007)
Knowledge networks and innovative performance in an industrial district: the case of a footwear district in the South of Italy
Industry and Innovation 14: 177-199